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Siren ETF Trust (Siren) is an ETF issuer created to provide portfolios of both Indexed and Actively managed funds to the investment community, with the goal of substantial growth and proprietary Index Methodology, coupled with a low expense ratio.

Founded in 2019, Siren began when a group of ETF veterans determined that the current marketplace was devoid of both blended and specialty sector ETFs at reasonable expense ratios. Siren believes that investors should have the ability to find nuanced sectors and blended index products at more reasonable costs than what was currently in the market, Hence the slogan “ETFs for the people”. Sirens sole focus is to provide the best possible funds to the investment community, without bleeding out performance through high expense ratios, while also enabling client facing advisors and brokers with an easy way to fulfill their Reg BI and fiduciary responsibilities.


Siren recognizes that current Industry trends are moving towards less transparency in the underlying portfolios making up Actively managed ETFs, and does not agree with an opaque structure. While our Passive Indexed products will always be benchmarked to a well documented Index, investors will also be able to see the weightings and underlying constituents of any Actively  Traded ETFs we manage on a daily basis.

Our Leadership

Scott Freeze

Chief Investment Officer

Michael Blaszczyk

Chief Compliance Officer

Paul Chan

Chief Compliance Officer

Michael Blaszczyk

Chief Compliance Officer

Debbie Hendry

Head of Research & Strategy

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Online with SoFi, Charles Schwab, E*TRADE, Interactive Brokers, the TD Ameritrade ETF Market Center and others


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Scott Freeze

Founder & CEO
Scott’s 25+ years of experience began at The Vanguard Group, moved to sell-side to build out Program and ETF desks and led to his starting Street One Financial as an ETF execution and research specialty firm. Scott has been involved in ETFs from both a trading/execution and a product strategy standpoint since ETFs started trading in the early 1990’s. Throughout his career he has built firm relationships with ETF Issuers, Authorized Participants and the Investment community. Scott created the Siren ETF Trust in 2019 to launch ETFs with a goal of performance and providing the best products for the ETF community. Scott earned a Bachelor in Business Administration in Finance from West Chester University.

Michael Blaszczyk

Chief Compliance Officer

Michael brings extensive experience in the financial services industry, having worked with RIA’s, investment managers, ETF sub-advisory and Trade Execution firms. He has taken an approach to providing strategic growth plans over the past decade, demonstrating expertise in: financial management, compliance, financial analysis, and business development. Prior to joining Siren ETF Trust, Michael started in compliance and operations for an RIA with $7 billion under management. From 2009 to 2019 Michael assisted in the Business Development and Trading Strategies for Street One Financial. Michael earned a Bachelor in Business Administration in Finance from Drexel University.